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Jim Gorman - Writer
Designed, Developed, Maintained
Jim Gorman is a national award winning writer who came to us to have his first website completed.

Zach Horn - Artist
Zach is a talented artist working in the Boston area. His site pulls photos directly from his gallery on Google's Picassa.

Lynn Brandsma - Psychologist
Designed, Developed
Lynn is a local psychologist who needed a site to advertise her private practice and reach out to clients.

Nathan Fried - Scientist
Designed, Developed
Alison is a science writer for Scientific American and other high-profile magazines. She easily maintains her site without ever seeing any code!

Gail Hearn - Scientist
Designed, Developed
Dr. Gail Hearn is a researcher who studies primates on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea in Africa. Her site is used to help spread awareness for primate conservation.

Daniel Marenda - Scientist
Designed, Developed
Dr. Daniel Marenda is a researcher at Drexel U. that studies Fragile X disease using the fruit fly. This is his lab's website.

Jacob Russell - Scientist
Designed, Developed
Dr. Jacob Russell studies symbiosis in ants. He is very accomplished and has been published in PNAS! This is his lab's website.

Jennifer Nasser - Scientist
Designed, Developed
Dr. Jennifer Nasser is a nutritionist who studies obesity. This is her lab's website.

Aleister Saunders - Scientist
Aleister Saunders studies Alzheimer's Disease and is the associate department head at Drexel University's Biology Department.

The Neuron Project - Online Magazine
Designed, Developed, Maintained, Content
A local student-run online magazine for all things neuroscience. We integrated this site into Wordpress's blogging interface.

Inspire Me Philly - City Guide
Under Development - Designed, Developed
Inspire Me Philly will be a guide for inspiration in the city of Philadelphia. This has a FULLY functional guide and map system that can even charge advertisers and users.

Inspire Me Philly - Promotional Website
Under Development - Designed, Developed
This site is for a local organization that promotes web apps and sites for Philadelphia.

Jewelry & Timepiece - Online Store
Designed, Developed
This was the first Jewelry and Timepiece Mechanix website. It contains full project listings and handles transactions with

Jewelry & Timepiece - Online Store
Developed, Consulted
After some unhappiness with Shopify, we moved the site over to 3DCart. New developers and designers took over while we helped to develop.

Nathan Fried - Graduate Student
Designed, Developed, Maintained
This site was put together to help Nathan Fried, Cafe Guy, apply for graduate school.

Drexel Env Sci Global Warming
Designed, Developed
This was a website project from Drexel's Environmental Science Department to bring awareness to global warming.

Philly Parking Buddy - App
Under Development - Designed, Developed
This will become a helpful website and app for Philadelphians to park legally.

Leopold Schepp Foundation
Designed, Developed
This is a scholarship organization based in NYC. We helped them come up with designs for their new website.

Society for Neuroscience - Philly
We help modify and maintain the Philadelphia Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience.

Susan Kilham - Scientist
We helped Dr. Susan Kilham move her website to a new backend format.

CafeGuyDesigns - Designer
Designed, Developed, Maintained
Well... your lookin' at the website! This is a jquery-rich single page layout site that is super awesome and super cool.

Prosperity By Choice - Logo
Consulted, Created
Prosperity by choice was a logo for a local t-shirt printing and activism company. They came to us to receive feedback on their design and to have us bring it to life as a vector image in Illustrator

International Symposium on Brain Disease and Septin Research
Designed, Created
The first annual International Symposium on Brain Disease and Septin Research had us do their poster, business cards, and advertisements.

Drexel University - Brochure
Designed, Created
Drexel University's Department of Biology had us create their graduate student brochure as a trifold. Page 1 · Page 2

The Barefoot Jeweler - Logo
Consulted, Created
For the launch of the Haddonfield, NJ jewelry company, we created his logo.

CafeGuyDesigns - Logo
Designed, Created
Every great company needs a nice logo. Business cards will also be printed.

The Neuron Project - Banner/Logo
Designed, Created
Banner for the online neuroscience magazine.

Russell Lab - Logo
Consulted, Created
Logo created for use on his lab's website.

CafeGuyDesigns - Logo
Designed, Created
Every great company needs a nice logo. Business cards will also be printed.

Drexel University - World Map
Designed, Developed, Maintained
For this campaign, we created a google map with custom markers to show where Drexel University students and Faculty have been around the world.

Thomas Jefferson University - Social Media Campaign
In Progress
We have recently been commissioned to lead a social media campaign for the Neuroscience Department to increase awareness and public outreach.

Cafe Guy Designs Philadelphia

Simply put - We are for the little guy.

That's not to say we don't do work for large companies - but we REALLY specialize in making it possible for those smaller, more local-minded entities to have a completely personalized website that is driven by their look, feel, and needs - not simply a regurgitated template. In fact, most all our clients have been small business owners, artists, writers, restaurants and scientists in the local Philly area.

We are custom solutions for the little guy, making them websites that feel and look BIG. While we have created ecommerce sites with thousands of product listings and complete backend checkout services, along with promotional sites for companies with over a hundred employees, our solutions can fit ANY budget and ANY sized project.

We are even known to help our clients streamline certain services as to help cut costs, but still create an impressive website. Seriously guys, NO PROJECT IS TOO SMALL and NO BUDGET IS TOO LOW.

Have a dream? Have an idea? Shoot us a line.

What We Do

Web design and development

                    For small and large businesses and individuals

Search Engine Optimization

                    Help the world find your new site or a pre-existing site!

Social Networking & Campaigns

                    Promote your site and get people talking about you!

Blog Development and Creation

                    Write stuff that people like reading

Content Writing

                    Make a website and have us write stuff people like reading

Online Store Ecommerce Development

                    Create a fully functioning store with listings and cart functionality

Redesign Old Websites

                    Facelift old sites into a snazzy Web2.0/3.0 look

Logo and Business Card Design

                    Snazzy designs to catch the eye

Print Design

                    Brochures, advertisements, wheat prints...

Drink Coffee

                    Waaaay too much

Be Awesome

                    Pretty easy for us

Collaboration. It's what defines today's freelance world. With not just the advent, but the adoption of social networking, today's young artists, scientists, and tradesmen are getting advice, insight, and creative input for most project decisions. Freelancers are becoming collectives that can drive stronger and greater development in ways the individual never could. This is the inspiration behind CafeGuyDesigns - Development through collaboration. It is also the unique aspect of this company. While the projects may be run by one, it will be refined by many. More importantly, talents and skills from each of our collaborating freelancers allows any project to come to life.

Founded in 2008 by Nathan Fried, a neuroscientist by day and designer/developer by night, CafeGuyDesigns takes advantage of the talented entrepreneurs in Philly's artisan neighborhood, Northern Liberties. Donning his name, Cafe Guy, Nathan works on a plethora of creative projects that often times are born and finished at Euphoria cafe in the Piazza. It was here that CafeGuyDesigns became possible with his long time friend, Joshua Peditto, and with so many people in Northern Liberties trying to start companies, writing, drawing, or working on other creative material, collaboration organically bloomed over cups of coffee. THIS is CafeGuyDesigns, where any project, no matter the abilities needed, is possible. This is the future of freelance.

When not at cafes, we can be found at 211 West Stiles St., Philadelphia, PA, 19122.

The Network
"No matter the project, our team of freelancers have the skills needed to get it done."
Nathan Fried
CEO, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Writer, Neuroscientist
A trained Biologist, studying PhD in Neuroscience, self-taught designer/developer, avid writer and critic, frugal adventurer, Nathan was initially accepted into UArts in Philly, but went onto Drexel to study Biology and Math. Throughout his career, he has bounced back and forth between art and science.
Joshua Peditto
Co-CEO, Web Developer, Engineer
Joshua is a biomechanical engineer currently working on spine and limb prosthetics outside of Philadelphia. He has worked on many website projects for local machinists utilizing photoshop and HTML5. He's also trained in Creo Pro (Pro/Engineering 5.0) Solid Works 2011, and Matlab 2010a with Simulink. Beyond this, he brings a sense of functionality to websites we create.
Matt Walters
Graphic Designer
Matthew is currently attaining his graphic design degree and has been a lead in the design and implementation of his currently in-development t-shirt and screen printing company Straight Philthy. Matthew's wacky design sense has always helped us bring a type of life not seen beyond the cartoon world.
Jeremy Fried
Wood worker, musician
Jeremy is a self-trained musician who delivers lead vocals and guitar in bands throughout the Philadelphia area. In his spare-time, he builds and finishes furniture in his shop. Being in the music scene for nearly 15 years, he has invaluable input for music related projects.
Trey Davis
Graphic Designer, Neuroscientist, App Developer
Trey is a master of app development, creating google apps for research studies in the cognitive sciences. He is an expert in Python, App Engine API/Django, html, css, javascript, and is currently studying for his PhD in cognitive neuroscience at Drexel U. His studies on human perception helps us create the best GUIs.
Kevin Lynch
Kevin is currently attaining his PhD in Computer Science at Drexel University. He is an expert on EVERYTHING code. He always knows the best approach to give full flexibility and future growth to small and large websites and apps that we create.
Northern Liberties
From Business to Design
Northern Liberties is the quintessential artisan neighborhood in Philadelphia. It is filled with artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, developers, programmers, and designers. Walk anywhere in this area and you will find someone doing something creative and awesome. Simply put, it is our inspiration.
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